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Didactic tours description:

Experiential and educational path that involves the approach of the child to the farm animals, to learn to know and love them.

Face to face with the farm animals! Have you ever seen how a bunny sleeps, how a horse loves to be cuddled, how many colors can have a hen, what does the goat eat or how does a peacock spread its tail? Come and meet these friends in their home! A day to learn to know them and get in touch - and with tact! - with them and their world.

Colors, smells, sounds and verses, behaviors and poses, tastes and behaviours, there are many things that will reveal us - if we can observe them in the right way - the animals that live next to us. But, along the steps of this day, we will also meet the alpaca, the crowned crane on one leg, the carp ... A journey full of beautiful experiences, based on feathers, scales and hairs, snouts and beaks, tails and legs and much more ...

Route structure:
- visit to Oasi Fiume Alento educational farm
- Naturalistic tour Oasi Fiume Alento (DETAILS)
- lunch stop
- visit to the Sessa Cilento wildlife park (transport by coach to the school)

You can combine the excursion with a boat guide-tour on Lake Alento: duration 45 '; cost per student: € 2.00 (the availability of this service depends on weather conditions).

Grade of the School:
Primary School
Giornata intera
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