The Alento River Oasis: PON Project

Cilento Services Cooperative participates in the “National Operational Programme for school” (PON) cooperating with schools in training activities to improve the skills of the students and promote their lifelong learning.

The Cilento Services Cooperative organize stages, training courses and guided tours (in Oasis and in the Cilento area) in collaboration with other education agencies. The work experiences in companies promote and improve professional skills, worker adaptability and access to employment of students.

The projects, over the years, have explored numerous topics:

  • Tourism and hospitality
  • Touristic communication systems
  • Enhancement of cultural heritage and territorial marketing
  • Agri-food products Marketing
  • Training in manufacturing companies
  • Management of environmental safety and use of GPS devices in artistic and architectural heritage
  • Clean and renewable energy

Oasi fiume Alento | VAR SS18 km 115+00 exit: DIGA ALENTO
Località Piano della Rocca, Prignano Cilento (SA) - Italy
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