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Ecosystems to love

Didactic tours description:

Educational path that allows to deepen the knowledge on ecosystems of the Mediterranean scrub and the marine environment

The coastal ecosystem and the Mediterranean scrub ecosystem: what are the differences, or the characteristics, or the secrets? Let's find out together on this trip in two stages. We will start from the Legambiente Oasis in Capaccio to see and understand how a dune is formed and why in such an environment with little water and near the sea, grow and survive some plants. We will then move inside Oasi Fiume Alento where, along the river, grows a lush Mediterranean vegetation, made of fragrant myrtle and mastic shrubs, and tall oaks. By touching the barks, touching the leaves, watching how these plants live together, we will learn interesting lessons about their survival strategies, and how much these living beings give us every day, if we treat them with care and respect.

Route structure:
- guided tour of the Oasi Legambiente in Capaccio
- transfer to the Oasi Fiume Alento (transport by coach to the school)
- lunch stop
- Naturalistic tour Oasi Fiume Alento (DETAILS)

Grade of the School:
Primary School
Giornata intera
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Oasi fiume Alento | VAR SS18 km 115+00 exit: DIGA ALENTO
Località Piano della Rocca, Prignano Cilento (SA) - Italy
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