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The Value of water

Didactic tours description:

Water is an unique element for its features and it's essential for life on Earthù; it's also a resource that must be used in a clever way, without an unnecessary waste.

1. The first part of the lab takes place in the Museum of the Sea and the Mediterranean Diet of Pioppi and includes:
-Introduction to marine biology;
- Direct observation of biological samples;
- Viewing of pictures and short films;
- Identification and classification of different specimens that inhabit the sea and the relationships that are established amongthem.

Before lunch the class will be transfered to the Oasi Fiume Alento complex.

Packed lunch or lunch at Sosta Mediterranea Restaurant.

The second part of the lab includes:
- Water analysis: properties, anomalies and peculiarities
- Dimostrations and practical experiments on the three-dimensional shape of the molecule, its polarity and its physical-chemical characteristics
- Observation of the aspects concerning phase transitions and Archimedes' principles;
- Study of the effects and changes that water can cause on microclimate, flora and fauna.

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Primary School
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