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Hydraulic infrastructures in Cilento

Didactic tours description:

The tour is divided into four steps.

The first one is the guided tour of the Piano della Rocca dam, within Oasi Fiume Alento complex with the observation of the structures that compose it.

Then the tour goes on with the visit to the dams of Carmine and Nocellito in the town of Cannalonga.

The guide then focus the study on the similarities and differences between the three hydraulic infrastructures, as well as, the advantages and transformations that their built brought to their area.

Next step is the ispection of thetunnels which provide the necessary monitoing system; here the guide will explain how water is exploited.

Eventually the tour continues towards the water treatment plant located inside the Oasi Fiume Alento Complex; the guide will describe the functioning and the water treatment processes, before being pumped into the pipeline.

Grade of the School:
Upper Secondary School
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