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I'm the forest

Didactic tours description:

Supported by educational materials and by animation game, it’s possible to observe the landscape.

An experiential walk, enriched by direct incitements aimed observation of the landscape, contributes to discover the natural features of the forest and the creatures that inhabit it through a process of research. Peering into the trees and flowers, admiring insects and following animal tracks, among shapes, colors and scents of the season, it spreads the contact and is established respect between man and nature.


Grade of the School:
The animated tours at the Oasis River Alento can be structured to provide for a full day or half day at our structure. The ½ day includes one activity to choose between: I’M THE RIVER or I’M THE FOREST. The whole day includes to choose one activity between: I’M THE RIVER or I’M THE FOREST; a laboratory chosen between: RICICLARTA , ECOPLASTICA or HERBARIUM; the boat tour. Half day: €5.50 per student; full day: €8.00 per student. The cost includes: a guide for every 35 students, teaching materials for insights in class, access to the picnic area. There is the possibility to eat at the restaurant inside the Oasi River Alento.
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