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Beyond the Alento River Oasis - Guided tours to discover Cilento lands

Didactic tours description:

The archaeological site of Poseidon - Paestum is a treasure chest full of treasures to be enjoyed. Walking through the ruins of the magnificent temples of the ancient city founded by settlers from Sybaris in VII century b.C, conquered by Lucanians in the late V century b.C. and finally came under the control of Rome, you may understand the urban planning of the city divided into a residential part and a part for public functions. In a stunning location, you may admire the Temple of Athena (also called Temple of Ceres), the Temple of Hera (also called Basilica) and the Temple of Neptune (probably dedicated to Apollo) and you may visit the rooms of the National Archaeological Museum of Paestum, one of the most important museums "on site" in Italy.

By walking throughout the archaeological excavations of Elea-Velia, the ancient Greek colony founded around 540 b.C. by a group of Greeks from Asia Minor, is possible to make a jump in local history and see which people have inhabited Cilento lands, what were their attitudes and inclinations and how they organized their city. Observation of the materials used in the different eras, the analysis of urban structures present in the site, walking in the footsteps of the philosophers Parmenides and Zeno, in a marriage of Greek, Roman and medieval culture, also documented in the two museum areas set up on the Acropolis, is the perfect way to go back in time to explore the past and to understand the basis upon which our future rests.

Grade of the School:
Lower secondary School
The animated tours at the Oasis River Alento can be structured to provide for a full day or half day at our structure. The ½ day includes: guided tour "THE DAM AND MONITORING SYSTEMS", the " NATURE WALK IN OASIS ", "BOTANICAL GARDEN" The whole day includes: guided tour "THE DAM AND MONITORING SYSTEMS", the " NATURE WALK IN OASIS ", "BOTANICAL GARDEN"; a laboratory chosen from those of manual (RECICLARTA, ECOPLASTICA), botany (HERBARIUM), biology (HYDROBIOLOGY, CELLS AND TISSUES AT MICROSCOPE, FOOD WEB, SOCIAL INSECTS), physics and chemistry (WATER), geology (ALENTO’S ROCKS AND LANDS), archeology (ARCHEOGIOCANDO), ASINANDO. In addition you can make the BOAT TOUR with an additional charge of €2.00 per student. Half day: €5.50 per student. Full day: €10.00 per student with laboratory. Boat tour: €2.00. A guide for every 35 students; teaching materials for insights in class, access to the picnic area. There is the possibility to eat at the restaurant inside the Oasi River Alento.
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