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Hiking along Eucalypto Trail

Didactic tours description:

Guided tour along one of the hiking trails in Oasi, to discover the secrets of the Mediterranean scrub.

Travel time: 60'-70 '/ Total length: 3 km / flat and uneven / vertical signs along the entire route and information boards.

It does not take long to follow this trail that leads from the bottom of the valley to the large flood of the Alento Dam and its beaches, and then go back to the rest stops in Oasi. However, it is necessary to put on a little effort, work on the pace and climb a few wooden steps on the ground. But it will be worth it when you look closely at Lake Alento! Between stones and pebbles, herbs and mediterranean shrubs , you will test yourself and discover how your body and mind react / act when you are outdoors, in an unfamiliar environment. Sharpen your senses! You will perceive the effort of the ascent and the relief of the shadow, the caress of the grass, or the wind in your hair. You may even notice that a cute insect has chosen you as a means of transport! Welcome back to the home of all life-forms, nature!

We strongly recommend the use of hiking shoes, equipment and clothing. Given the lack of fountains along the way, it is recommended also to bring with you a sufficient reserve of water (at least 1 liter).

Grade of the School:
Upper Secondary School
90 minuti
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Oasi fiume Alento | VAR SS18 km 115+00 exit: DIGA ALENTO
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