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From Earth to earth

Didactic tours description:

Educational path dedicated to learn through direct experience the life cycle of plants and to take care of a vegetable garden.

More and more youngsters are going back to work the land! Why this strong appeal? Let's try for one day to become farmers! A piece of land, hoes and watering cans, a greenhouse and a compost bin are available to complete an experiential course in the complex of the Mediterranean Botanical Garden of the Oasi Fiume Alento. Let's get involved and let's get closer to the art of farming: from working the land to planting, taking care of the young seedlings to making a compost bin, learning the chemical-organic phases of composting! The youngsters through direct experience will learn the entire life cycle of a vegetable garden - where each action is the basis for the next one - and its strategic role in a quality food economy. A precious opportunity to understand what it to be direct producers means, be proud of the work done and ethically aware of the necessary commitment in order to ensure quality food to people.

Route structure:
- Mediterranean Botanical Garden garden tour (DETAILS)
- horticulture activity
- lunch stop
- greenhouse activity
- creation of a compost bin
- Alento Dam Guided tour (DETAILS)


You can combine the excursion with a boat guide-tour on Lake Alento: duration 45 '; cost per student: € 2.00 (the availability of this service depends on weather conditions).

Grade of the School:
Upper Secondary School
Giornata intera
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