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Lake ecosystem

Didactic tours description:

Educational workshop to the discovery of the trophic network that includes water sampling to discover the relationship between inorganic and organic. By identifying the micro-organisms at the base of the food chain, the network of material and energy flows will be reviewed among the components of an ecosystem.


What is plankton? Does a carp play an important role in the lake? And how about the snake? And the cormorant that flies over the clear waters? Let's do it together. We get on the boat to navigate on Lake Alento and collect water samples: we will analyze them in the lab in order to identify the microorganisms at the base of the food chain. Seizing the mutual dependence between animal and plant organisms of this aquatic environment, we will thus reconstruct the trophic network of Lake Alento, identifying the organisms in producers, composers and decomposers.


This workshop includes the boat trip (€ 2.00 per student, to be paid directly on site).
The boat is available only at certain times of the year.
In case of adverse or unfavorable weather conditions, all activity will take place in the classroom and no extra payment will be due.

Grade of the School:
Primary School
60 minuti
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