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Big aviaries

Didactic tours description:

Educational path that allows to learn how to interact and to look closely various species of birds.

Grey herons, egrets, cormorants ... and many other birds circling the meadows and lakes of Oasi Fiume Alento. Walking on the big dam crowning it is easy to see them on the intake tower and, if you stop in the birdwatching sheds placed to guard the lakes, with a little 'luck you can admire them at a short distance while pecking between herbs and shrubs. And the ducks? The waders? The fasanians? Passerines and birds of prey? Let's go to visit the great aviaries to learn about these wonderful birds and let's be enchanted by the liveries and forms that have matured over thousands of years of evolution and adaptation to the environment. The route is structured in two stages, one at the Oasi Fiume Alento and the other at the wildlife park in Sessa Cilento, and it will allow us - with the help of expert guides - to experience the thrill of being, for one day, real naturalistic explorers .

Route structure:
- Alento Dam Guided tour (DETAILS)
- Naturalistic tour Oasi Fiume Alento (DETAILS)
- lunch break
- visit to the large aviaries at Sessa Cilento wildlife park (transport by coach to the school)

You can combine the excursion with a boat guide-tour on Lake Alento: duration 45 '; cost per student: € 2.00 (the availability of this service depends on weather conditions).

Grade of the School:
Upper Secondary School
Giornata intera
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