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Water on this Earth

Didactic tours description:

Path dedicated to the discovery of the secrets of water, with a series of indoor and outdoor activities.

What is water made of? What is the water cycle and what role does it play in our lives and in those of all plants and animals? Come and spend a day out of the ordinary at Oasi Fiume Alento and you will find the answer to these and many other questions! A large dam, a river, lakes and ponds are looking forward to meet you and tell their stor, in which water is always the main character! Thanks to a series of outdoor and indoor activities - in the equipped labs of the Oasi - you will be the one to reveal the secrets of water, to discover the incredible world that lives on the banks of a river or a lake. Immersed for a day in nature, you will eventually understand the vital role that this precious and unique element - water - has for us all!


Route structure:
- "H2O Junior" Laboratory
- Indoor and outdoor activities dedicated to the water cycle
- Alento Dam Guided tour (DETAILS)
- Lunch break
- "Water and human body" laboratory
- Naturalistic tour Oasi Fiume Alento (DETAILS)

You can combine the excursion with a boat guide-tour on Lake Alento: duration 45 '; cost per student: € 2.00 (the availability of this service depends on weather conditions).

Grade of the School:
Giornata intera
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