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Walking through one of the most beautiful Cilento landscapes, the "Camminalento" ring tour starts at the top of the Alento river dam, you walk along the little road on the dam's head (600 m long). At the end of the dam turn left and take a dirt road of about 1.3 km long mostly flat overlooking the lake.
Then you take a slightly uphill trail that is like a corridor in the Mediterranean scrub. This trail is about 2,6 kilometres long and it is immersed in the Mediterranean scrub. At the mouth of the watershed flowing into the lake, you can enjoy views of the cultivated slopes that descend towards the lake from Cicerale village. The end of this stretch coincides with the head of the alento lake: the path bends to the left and leads to the pebbly river bank.
Crossing the riverbed, starts the second part of the route that returns back to the starting point. You walk along a dirt road leading down the lake shore, and after about 1.2 km take the pathway that follows the sinuousness of the small creeks of the water mirror. This stretch along about 3.9 km, crosses in its former part formerly cultivated with rural buildings that testify to the agricultural vocation of the slope. Later, when you take the branch of lake that creeps towards the village of prignano, the route is again obtained in the Mediterranean scrub.

When the level of the lake does not permit its crossing at the base of the large archway bridge, you use the bridge itself to pass the other side. At the end of the bridge you enter the perimeter of the oasis, take the last stretch of path of about 1.9 km and arrive then to the starting point.

The hiking activity lasts about 6 hours.
It is advisable to move in groups with the accompaniment of a guide.
We recommend the use of footwear, equipment and hiking gear. You also need to bring enough water to your needs especially during the summer months.
For security reasons it is necessary to communicate to the oasis staff the beginning of the hiking activity, the number of participants and if accompanied by a guide.

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