What the Oasis has to offer: Services for our guests.

Open spaces. Playground. Picnic Area. Boat trip on the lake.
The area upstream of the dam is characterized by a green park beautifully adorned with pathways, fountains and some small canals, a playground area for children and various bird watching points.
A picnic area is equipped with fixed barbecues. Inside the park there is also a garden bar and a self service restaurant with local menus. Oasi offers also bike and golf car rental service which allow our guests to visit the area in a fun and pleasant way; Oasi Fiume Alento can be visited also through the electric bus guided tour. A wonderful boat guided tour leads our guests toward the discovery of the reservoir and its shores.
TICKETS: € 6.00
Free admission and discount > 0-12 years old: free entrance - Over 65s: entrance € 4 - For school groups contact +39 974837003.
Services included in the entrance ticket: guided tours to the dam and monitoring and control systems; naturalistic guided tour; parking facilities, free access to the picnic area.
Table Picnic Area and Barbecue: € 12.00
6 seater tables. Valid for the whole day.
Barbecue area: charcoal can be purchased on site. Grill can be rented on the spot.
Boat tour: € 4
Check periodic availability of the service.

Sport equipments

Oasi provides 8-a-side football pitches, mini-basketball, volleyball courts, horseback riding, archery and game fishing.
It’s possible to practice other activities such as canoeing, rowing, sailing and radio-controlled models, through agreements with external organizations.
Fishing: € 6.00
With provincial fishing license and FIPSAS card.

Bike and Electric Vehicles

Inside Oasi Fiume Alento is possible to rent the following eco-friendly vehicles
Bicycle: € 4 per hour
Golf Car: € 20 per hour
Electric bus: € 3.00 per person

Flora and fauna
Freshwater fishes: common barbel, bleak, roach, shad, common carp, catfish.
Fauna: European otter, greater mouse-eared bat, greater horseshoe bat, common bent-wing bat, European wild boar, European fox, Italian hare.
Amphibians: yellow-bellied toad, Apennine frog, Italian newt.
Inside the reserve 75 different species of birds has been listed such as: mallards, teal, gadwall, pintail, wigeon, shoveler, little grebe, great crested grebe, gull, woodcock, snipe, black-winged stilt, herons, white heron, egret, grey heron, kingfishers, moorhens, cormorants, jay, magpie, blackbird, starling, buzzards, red kites, peregrine falcons, kestrel, barn owl.
Reptiles: European pond turtle, wall lizard, lizard, four-lined rat snake, viper.
Flora: white willow, black and white poplar, black alder, common reed, loosestrife, lily white, oak, olive, ash, broom, mock privet, myrtle, heather, strawberry tree, cistus Montpellier, hypericum, mallow, lentisk and so on.

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